::::::::: WELCOME TO TEACHER TOON'S HOMEPAGE 2019 ::::::::::

Mini English Program (502)
(Friday, July 03, 2019)—The Mini English Program (MEP) students and their advisers had such a great opportunity to participate in a special lecture entitled “Dining Etiquette: What Should Be Focused and Not on Food” organized by Vatel International Business School Hotel and Tourism Management. During the session, Dr. Sanjay Bhardwaj, an experienced
lecturer, illustrated proper etiquette for handling utensils in both American and Continental styles, dealing with napkins
and so forth. The students had a chance to raise interesting questions for discussion and shared experience on Thai
table custom. Additionally, the trainee servers and experienced chefs expressed a sincerely warm welcome to the program delegates to indulge a well-prepared American-style lunch such as onion soup, baked leg of duck served with sarladaises
potatoes and chocolate éclair) at Vatel Restaurant. It was such a valuable moment they experienced.


[Announcement 1] Dear my advisees, you can easily download the class timetable from our school website: www.streesmutprakan.ac.th.

[Announcement 2] Dear my students studying E33101English 6, your external reading story selected to be evaluated throughout semester is now available on my facebook. You are expected to download it and read before examination. Thanks in advance!! 

[Announcement 3] For thoses who are studying E31213 Fundamental English Structure with Teacher Toon, this Youtube clip provided by InkwellMedia will be useful for you guys to prepare yourself before the upcoming examination. Please WATCH this clip. Then we will later on discuss the key points of 'commas use' in class. Thanks for your great participation!